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How strong is The Trash Hammock?

It’s reinforced with two different sizes of poly webbing, (the same type of webbing used to secure heavy loads down onto trailers). The 2” webbing has a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs. and the 4” webbing has a breaking strength of 20,000 lbs. The bottom and sides of the Trash Hammock are reinforced with Aluminum Extrusion which are hinged together and can be rolled into a collapsed size of under 1’ x 4’.

How much does The Trash Hammock weigh?The Trash Hammock performs safe, easy, and efficient bulk trash pickups

The Trash Hammock weighs 30 lbs.

How does The Trash Hammock save me time?

The Trash Hammock eliminates the need to send a pickup or rear load truck with multiple employees to a job site that was just serviced by your frontload truck.

Can a single operator use The Trash Hammock?

Yes! A single operator can attach, load, and operate The Trash Hammock safely and efficiently.


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